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Be Instagrammable! 10 Travel Eye Care Tips to Look Better in Photos

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Ah, Summertime! It brings all the photo ops. But you can’t look your best (let alone, be Instagrammable) with red, puffy eyes. Want to know how to fix that? We all do! That’s why we made this travel eye care blog. In it, you’ll find easy beauty tricks to prevent puffy, red eyes so your photos are truly Instagrammable. Especially important if you’ve got a hot trip to Vegas planned, am I right?

The best part? These tips are good for guys and gals, alike. So, follow along. Soon you’ll be ready to say #nofilter, for real!

How to Look Better in Photos and Be Instagrammable

Travelling for work or play can take its toll on your eyes. In no time, that dry, recirculated air in planes and hotels induce red, puffy eyes. If your photos look “tired” no matter how great you feel, we want to change that. Here, you’ll find easy beauty tips to look better in photos. Because these days, with so much social sharing for work and play, it pays to “be Instagrammable”!

Let’s start with Eye Health 101. If you aren’t doing these healthcare basics, all the tricks in the world won’t help you. The good news is, they’re super easy to do!

10 Steps for Easy Beauty and Travel Eye Care

1. Drink at least 10 full glasses of water a day.

Why? Two reasons: When your skin is dry, it sags and develops more creases. This makes you look tired and it makes your makeup “cake up” more within those creases. Not a good look!

Basically, water is a major component of your cells, tissues, and fluids. Therefore, skin hydration is crucial to skin cell growth and health. So, always keep a bottle of water, wherever you go, to refill all day. Metal or glass bottles are the best!

blue and metal water bottles

2. Practice good blue screen protocol.

If you haven’t already noticed, computers and smartphones can really dry out your eyes. And from dry-eyes, come those unsightly red blood vessels.

One of the best ways to prevent that is to take frequent breaks from staring at your screen. It’s often called the 20-20 rule. For instance, be sure to look away into the distance, roughly 20 feet, every 20 minutes, and do this for 20 seconds. Ideally, look out of a window, so you can focus on leaves on a tree or something soothing and natural. Otherwise, if you’re stuck in a cubicle, look at a photo on the wall in the distance.

man working on computer looking out window

Likewise, dry eyes are more prone to infection. Do you really want pink-eye on top of red-eye? Aside from the colour clash, what a pain! So, be sure to blink often when staring at your computer. This, along with eye drops, will moisten your eyes. And finally, use “night mode” on your mobile phones, so you can finally say “Goodnight!” to tired, red eyes.

Eat more fish or take Omega-3 vitamins.

Why? For these simple reasons: Adding Omega-3 to your diet will make your skin and eyes healthier; DHA is found in the highest concentration in the retina, suggesting it has an important function there; EPA is used in the production of DHA in the body.

In short, dry eye syndrome has been linked to Omega-3 deficiency, as has other eye disease. So the remedy is a no-brainer: Belly up to the sushi bar and eat more Omega-3s!

sushi platters

4. DO NOT rub your eyes. I repeat: Do not rub your eyes!

Why, oh, why do you do this? I already know the answer (because I’m guilty, too). When your eyes are dry or tired, rubbing them feels sooo good.

But stop! Not only can you get a bad eye infection, you can also catch the flu. That’s right, a cold virus enters your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. And since a virus can live on a surface for hours to days, you are just inviting it into your body every time you touch your eyes. Why chance it and ruin your vacation? When you get the urge to rub, use eye drops instead. Then pat your eyes with a clean tissue, not your fingers.

Now for the little extras...

5. Start using eye creams at least 4 weeks before your trip.

It’s simple: The firmer your skin, the less puffy or baggy your eyes will look. Not sure which eye creams to try? Go to a Kiehl's store near you and ask for some free samples!

A quick question for guys and gals, here: Are your bags packed, but you haven’t left town?

suitcase packed for vacation

6. Translation: Do you have puffy bags under your eyes that won’t go away?

Once you reach your destination, steep some green tea, then put these teabags in the fridge. After the bags are cold, put these on your eyes. Lean back and take a 15 minute disco nap. You’ll thank me later!

7. Tried everything but still have a raccoon mask?

It’s time for a little cover-up, darling! These subtle makeup tricks look so natural, even guys use them!

For stubborn skin discolouration on Asian or Caucasian skin, use Laura Mercier’s dual-tone camouflage concealer. For those of us with darker skin tones, check out these concealers.

Just remember: Always use a concealer brush or makeup sponge to apply it. Never use your fingers; this will stretch and damage the delicate skin under the eyes. That will just make the sagging dark circles much worse!

8. Another trick is to achieve an overall glow on your face.

Try a moisturizer, oil, or light makeup base made for this. Then follow the tips below for highlighting your features.

Buy a highlighting pencil or “wand” for the corners of your eyes and brow bone. Choose a colour that matches the lightest tone of your skin. Compare with a shade lighter, or one with more “illumination”. You might like both for night and day highlights.

Common Makeup Highlighting Areas

womanl’s face for makeup tutorial

Using highlighters and illuminating makeup tricks can achieve a glam look or a natural look. It all depends on how much “shine” the product has and how much you apply. Go to Sephora and have a play!

9. What about reducing puffy or dark circles under your eyes?

My hubby and I like Kiehl’s eye-fuel the best. It really “perks up” the eyes. (Maybe it’s the caffeine!)

10. On a budget, but still want highlights?

Here’s the cheap version: Use a highlighting powder over whatever base or moisturizer you have. Most pharmacies carry great brands under $15 a pop. The amount of glow is up to you.

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