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9 Things You Should Know Before Trying Coloured Contact Lenses

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The debate about whether to wear contacts often comes down to personal preference. There are people that like to wear contact lenses rather than glasses, and vice-versa.

Then, there are people who get contacts just to change their eye colour. Despite having 20/20 vision, they invest in coloured contact lenses for aesthetic purposes.

Thinking about getting a pair of coloured contacts? Read all the information below before you do. There are some vital things you need to know about wearing coloured contacts:

1. Not All Coloured Contact Lenses Are Medically-Approved

Coloured contacts come in different shapes and sizes. Some are created and sold by medical professionals. They come with prescriptions and you can get them at an eye care clinic. These have specific instructions for using them.

Others are low-grade contacts used for aesthetic purposes. You can find these at Halloween stores and festival retailers. But, they're not the safest option to use, and might not be approved by Health Canada.

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As such, there's no telling what these retail coloured lenses are made from. They're cool and cheap but not worth the risk. Not to mention, they do not correct your vision if you do in fact need a prescription lens to see well.

2. You Can Wear Coloured Contact Lenses Despite Having Good Vision

What if you don't need vision correcting devices, but you want your eyes to be a different colour? Is it okay to buy costume contacts then?

The short answer is no!

It's still in your best interest to get coloured contacts prescribed by a medical professional. This ensures you won't damage your vision. Well made, regulated coloured contacts, like those sold here on will help prevent bacteria from entering your eyes. They will minimise the probability for infection and maintain your visual acuity.

Seeing an eye doctor is an important step to take. Once you damage your vision there is no going back. Paying for cheap lenses only to look good, can destroy your eyesight. You'll end up paying more because now you have a real problem with your vision. Go to an eye doctor to get the look you want, consequence-free.

3. If You Already Wear Contacts, You're in the Clear for Coloured Contact Lenses

If you're familiar with contacts and how they work, it's easy to upgrade to coloured contacts. As long as you get prescribed, medically-approved ones, of course.

It's a simple process to go from regular contacts to coloured contacts. Let your optometrist know you're interested in these at your next appointment. You won't be able to leave with your contacts in-hand that day. But, it will be easy enough to then order them online knowing you’re doing the right thing to maintain your vision.

4. Comfort Is Key

Whether you already wear contacts or not, comfort is vital. Coloured contacts are a bit thicker than standard ones. So, you'll need some time to adjust to them.

However, don't put yourself through any severe discomfort. If discomfort happens, you need to get the size and fitting of the lenses checked.

5. Coloured Contacts Are Contacts First, Fashion Second

Another thing to keep in mind is that coloured contacts are still contacts! These aren't something you can treat as a toy. You need to insert them and take them out with caution. You also need to follow specific instructions for caring for them that are enclosed with your lenses.

Make sure to read about the proper cleaning and storage of your new contacts. You also need to know how long you can wear them for at one time. The most important rule: Do not sleep with coloured contact lenses in!

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If you wear contacts you should already know the rules. But, the rules are even more critical when it comes to coloured contact lenses. All contact lenses are plastic, and plastic dehydrates the eye. The thicker the plastic, the faster the dehydration. This means that sleeping with coloured contacts is more dangerous than sleeping with standard ones.

6. Get Used to Standard Contact Care

It's a good idea to make a habit of caring for your regular contacts before getting coloured ones. If you're getting coloured contacts only for good looks, think twice before buying. Coloured contact lenses are a serious commitment.

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Taking care of your contacts needs to become a part of your daily routine. It only takes a few minutes out of your day, but it's not something you can overlook or forget.

7. You Have a Ton of Options

Once you've decided to get coloured lenses, it's time to start exploring your options. There are plenty of interesting colours available. You can choose from natural shades, like green and blue, or you can go for violet or even pink.

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Keep in mind that your natural eye colour may blend with the shade of the lenses. At your optometrist, ask to try on the colour you want to be sure about your decision before placing your first order.

8. Always Order from a Reputable and Trusted Retailer

Always order your lenses from the retailer you know and trust. It's not a good idea to mix up your sources. Also, get your glasses and contacts prescriptions from the same optometrist or ophthalmologist. This makes everything easier for all people involved in your eye care. Not to mention, it ensures you get the most accurate prescription for your new contacts!

9. Never, Ever Share Your Lenses

One final piece of advice: never share your contact lenses with anyone! It doesn't matter if you need prescription lenses or not. Your eyes are precious and sharing your lenses puts them at an incredible risk. It can cause infections, and in some cases, could even make you go blind.

So, don't ever let anyone else wear your lenses under any circumstances.

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