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Look Good in the Cold: The Best Coloured Contacts to Try This Winter!

Smiling woman outside in winter

With the arrival of winter, many of us prepare for “the blues.” Shorter days, less sunlight, cold winds, slippery roads and dry air can all add up. Even the thought of making a fashion statement may feel like a lot of effort. But this winter, bundle up in your best thick coat and pop in a pair of coloured contact lenses for an easy style change.

Coloured contacts have been around for decades. However, it’s only in the last few years that they’ve emerged as a beauty scene must-have. Cosmetic-loving chameleons use coloured contacts to transform their looks without much hassle or expense. From celebrities on the red carpet to YouTube makeup gurus, coloured contacts are everywhere!

But unlike makeup, contact lenses are medical devices. If contacts aren’t used properly, they can damage your eyes and lead to vision loss. So join us as we talk about choosing the right coloured contacts and tips for wearing them in the winter.

Choosing Coloured Contacts

Woman getting eye test done

Choosing coloured contact lenses should always begin with a trip to the optometrist. Even if you think your vision is perfect, you must have a comprehensive eye exam to confirm this is the case.

Prescription coloured contacts can correct myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (cornea irregularities). Coloured contacts with no corrective power are also known as plano lenses.

During your eye exam, the optometrist will measure the surface of your eyes to determine the correct sized lenses for you. Your doctor will also do a tear film evaluation to ensure you can wear contacts comfortably.

There’s no substitute for a contact lens exam. Your glasses prescription cannot be used for your contact lenses. Once you have a current prescription, you can shop around for the best deal on coloured contact lenses online and in store.

There are three types of coloured contacts available. Let’s talk about them:

Visibility Tint

If you see lenses advertised as having a “visibility tint”, it means they’re subtly coloured. This lets you see your contacts more easily in their case. It also makes it easier to see them if they fall. But these lenses will not alter the colour of your eyes.

Enhancement Tint

Most coloured contact lenses have an enhancement tint. This means they enhance the natural colour of your eyes without changing it completely.

Enhancement lenses mimic the natural pattern of the iris. The 1 Day Acuvue Define lenses give quite a colour boost to light-coloured eyes.

Opaque Tint

Lenses with an opaque tint change your eyes from one colour to another. Unlike enhancement lenses, opaque ones feature a solid block of colour.

Only opaque lenses like FreshLook Colorblends can make naturally dark eyes appear lighter. Theatrical and costume lenses also fit into this category.

Which Colour Contacts Are Right for You?

Woman wearing light-brown coloured contacts

Just as celebrity stylists pick the optimum colour palette for their clients’ red carpet looks, you can do the same with coloured contacts.

Start with your skin tone. Generally speaking, those with warm skin (undertones of yellow or gold) look best in warm-toned contacts. Colours like light brown, hazel, honey or green will look best. This also applies to those with warm hair colours like yellow-blond or golden brown.

Those with a cool skin tone (undertones of blue) look best in cool-toned contacts. Colours like icy blue, purple and bright green will look most attractive. This also applies to those with cool-toned hair, such as blue, black, grey or strawberry blonde.

But before you commit to purchasing a set of coloured contacts, try out your new shade! How? Use one of the new photo apps that show how you’d look with a different eye colour.

Health Risks of Coloured Contacts

Always buy coloured or cosmetic contact lenses from a reputable seller with a valid prescription. If you don’t, you put yourself at risk of dangerous eye infections and permanent injuries.

Poor quality cosmetic lenses from disreputable sellers and manufacturers can give you abrasions and ulcers on your corneas. This damage can lead to a corneal transplant to preserve your sight. Do your research. Only buy major brands such Acuvue, Bausch+Lomb and FreshLook, from reputable companies. comes to mind! ;)

Those who wear costume contact lenses from a disreputable source also increase their risk of developing keratitis. This is a painful bacterial infection that can also cause blindness. That’s why prescription contacts are better for your eyes.

Being fashion-forward is great. But you must also do all that you can to protect your eyes!

Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses in the Winter

Young siblings having fun in snow

In the winter, the temperature and humidity drop a lot. Dryness is a major issue for contact lens wearers.

For your contact lenses to be comfortable, your eyes must remain moist. Thanks to central heating, the dry air inside is just as much of a concern as the air outside. Shifts in temperature combined with a lack of moisture can cause irritation.

You’ll need to take extra steps in order to comfortably wear contacts in the winter. Below are a few easy lifestyle changes you can make to ensure your coloured contacts look and feel great!

Minimize Dryness in the Atmosphere

Invest in a humidifier to maintain air moisture levels indoors. Avoid spending too much time close to direct sources of heat, such as fires or hot air vents.

Stay Healthy and Hydrated

You should follow a good diet and drink lots of water. This will give your body the basic tools it needs to regulate moisture levels in your eyes. Most of us don’t drink enough water in the winter. So make a special effort to top up your H2O levels!

Use Eye Drops

Lubricating eye drops such as artificial tears can be a lifesaver in the winter! Only certain drops are suitable for use with contacts, so always check with your optometrist.

Try Different Lenses

The first coloured contacts you try might not be the best ones. Experiment with different brands and wear schedules until you find the most comfortable lenses.

Many people choose daily disposable coloured contacts like FreshLook One-Day. You can put in a fresh pair of lenses each day. There’s no need for cleaning or storage, as the pair is discarded every evening. These lenses will help keep your eyes hydrated in the frosty air!

Get Some Colour for the Winter

The winter months are the hardest on your eyes. Be sure to follow these tips to maintain your eye health. Always visit your optometrist if you notice any changes with your vision.

But you also need to give your winterscape a pop of colour! Remember, high quality branded coloured contacts are great, even if you have 20/20 vision.

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