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5 Reasons to Switch to Disposable Daily Contact Lenses

The main difference between “daily” contact lenses and “daily disposable” contact lenses is whether you throw them away at the end of the day. And it can be the reason why your eyes are at risk of disease.

Regular daily contact lenses are for daytime use only. You must remove these lenses at night, but you can store and reuse them for a period of up to three months. Daily disposable contact lenses are just that - disposable. Use them once and throw them in the trash.

There are many benefits to using daily disposable contact lenses. The most important of these is that they’re better for the health of your eyes. Plus, daily disposable contact lenses are super convenient, and the ease of use is a bonus!

Here are our top five reasons to make the switch to disposable daily contact lenses.

Irritated eyes close up

1. Disposable Contact Lenses Are Better for Your Eye Health

If you’ve tried longer-use contact lenses before, you know that they tend to become uncomfortable at the end of their lifespan. There’s a scientific reason for this that could be disastrous for the health of your eyes.

Your eyes and tears contain substances such as proteins, lipids and calcium. Small deposits of these substances gradually build up on reusable lenses and can lead to infection. Longer-use lenses are also an ideal resting place for airborne allergens. These allergens can cling to the surface of your lenses, even after they’ve been cleaned with lens solution.

Avoid the risk of putting a harmful build-up of substances and allergens into your eye by peeling back the lid on a fresh pair of daily disposable contact lenses every day.

woman removing a disposable contact lens

2. Using Reusable Lenses Can Lead to Eye Infection

As we’ve already covered, reusable contact lenses develop a build-up of harmful substances over time and attract airborne allergens. But non-sterilised contact lenses are also a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.

All contact lens wearers have forgotten to clean their lenses once of twice, topped up cleaning solution instead of replacing it or simply forgotten to wash their hands. All of these bad habits offer an open invitation to bacteria to take up residence in your eyes. As soon as bacteria is introduced to your cornea, it can advance into a serious infection. Infections such as ulcerative keratitis initially cause inflammation and pain. If left untreated, ulcerative keratitis can cause permanent vision change or even blindness. Therefore, eye care professionals recommend daily disposable contact lenses because they are always sterile. And this, in turn, reduces the risk of infection.

woman receiving eye exam

3. Switching to Daily Contact Lenses Means a New Eye Exam

Before you switch to daily disposable contact lenses you must have your eyes examined by a certified eye care specialist. Many of us skip regular health check-ups. We tell ourselves we’ll see a doctor, dentist, or ophthalmologist if something is clearly wrong.

However, that old saying, “prevention is better than cure” applies here! It’s imperative that you have your eyes examined before you change contact lenses.

The sale of contact lenses is regulated by the FDA. This means that you must have a current prescription to place an order for contact lenses. Not only is this good for the health of your eyes, but it also protects you as a consumer, allowing you to shop around for the best deal.

Most eye prescriptions have a one or two year expiration date. Yet, in order to keep your eyes as healthy as they can be, you should get a check-up if you notice any irritation, changes to your vision, or want to change your contact lenses.

4. Daily Contact Lenses Are More Efficient and Less Expensive

Generally speaking, longer-use contact lenses are cheaper than most daily disposable contact lenses. But the cost of daily contact lenses is declining. There are more brands and types of contact lenses on the market than ever before and sellers are in serious competition to offer the best price.

The most expensive yet safest and most efficient daily disposable contact lenses are those made from silicone hydrogel. This particular substance allows more oxygen to pass through the lens protecting against dryness. While the cost of these lenses is a bit more than other lenses, you will save money on other lens care products, like contact solution. And when you calculate the cost of daily contact lenses on a daily basis, they’re not much more than a cup of coffee. A small price to pay for perfect, healthy vision!

plant being watered by hydrogel beads

5. Disposable Contact Lenses are Super Convenient

In recent years, the FDA approved some contact lenses for overnight wear. At first glance, overnight lenses may seem like an even less hassle than daily disposables. However many ophthalmologists see them as bad news.

The problem with overnight contact lenses is that people who wear them tend to let days go by without removing their lenses. This can increase the risk of eye infections. How can you prevent this? Develop a daily ritual of inserting your contacts in the morning and removing them at night. This ensures that you’ll never forget to replace your lenses.

In short, daily contact lenses are super convenient! In fact, daily contact lenses give you the freedom to switch between lenses and glasses throughout the day. This small detail is of huge importance to anyone who has an active lifestyle and enjoys playing sports. Plus, if you do lose a lens, no need to panic. Simple carry a spare set of daily contact lenses with you, so you can pop a new one in on the go. Soon you’ll find the ease and convenience of disposable daily contact lenses indispensable!

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